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Big Star Way

The Song

Recorded at First Wave Digital Studios in Hempstead, NY and Cow Pilot Studios in Gilbert, Arizona.

I wanted to bring new life to a captivating story that has become part of American folklore. I'm not sure what crashed near Roswell 50 years ago, whether it was a top-secret aircraft, a weather balloon, or a flying disc, but it intrigues me nonetheless. I tried to convey a sense of awe and mystery in the song, and a sense of sadness as well, lamenting the deaths of whoever (or whatever) died at the crash site. If the stories are true, it was indeed the most profound event in our history, and if it was a hoax, it was one of the most successful in history. Whatever it was, it has captured our imaginations.

The Recording Process

Having moved from a partial analog recording environment (an 8 track Alesis ADAT mixed down to a computer) to a digital environment (Pro Tools), I found at least initially, that adding tracks and mixing the songs was a much easier process. However, with this new process came a plethora of trappings.

Having the capabilitiy to record 25 plus tracks, I found myself overwhelmed with the process after receiving the tracks recorded in New York from William. To be perfectly honest, it's difficult to mix and produce the material as the person who wrote the songs - you're much too close to the project to make objective decisions.

I'm very fortunate to have William on the NY side of the project, because I love his production values and ideas. Thankfully, Anthony had completed an internship with Steve Vai, and volunteered (much to my elation) to mix and produce the CD from that point on. Whew!!

The Lyrics

Came a crash - and a mighty sound.
Strange pilots falling from the stars
Big mistakes dropping all around
Paranoia gripping many hearts.

Big Star Way

Gain control and the truth will die
Operations to remove the scars
Two are dead; one is still alive.
Their technology will move us on!

Big Star Way

Fear in the desert the night winds sing
Whispering their secret on silver wings
Crashing into our reality - these visitors.

Cold are the bodies of distant lands
Warmed by the terror of human hands
Never to reach out among the distant stars.

Big Star Way

We the people sleeping in our beds,
With visions of MOGUL dancing in our heads.
Bellies full of deceit and lies -
While paper tigers patrol our skies.

Big Star Way