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Ghost Crab

(Instrumental - written by Kenny Garone)

The Song

Recorded at KG Studio in Melville, NY and Cow Pilot Studios in Gilbert, Arizona.

The Recording Process

I wanted to have a song on the CD that both Kenny and I played on, and that featured Kenny's amazing Chapman Stick, so he recorded his parts and Casey's percussion at his house on his computer and then sent me the tracks. I added the guitars and keyboards here at Cow Pilot studios.

The Secret Meaning of this Song:

My brother has been trying to convince me for many years that there is something called a "Ghost Crab." I have spoken with Professor Vinktermsendaktim, an expert on underwater crustaceans at Frau Dulent University in Phoenix, who informed me that my brother was delusional, and that there is no such creature as a "Ghost Crab."

"Perhaps your brother has an extremely active imagination," the Professor commented when I told him about Kenny's "Ghost Crab." Moments after his response, the Professor vomited semi-circular glass beads that contained images of Kenny's head each with unique contemplative facial expressions.

I'm so sorry to disappoint you, Keng, there is no such things as a "Ghost Crab."

No such thing.