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The Song

Recorded at First Wave Digital Studios in Hempstead, NY and Cow Pilot Studios in Gilbert, Arizona.

After the crashes (or the possible collision) at Roswell and Corona, New Mexico in 1947, the United States purportedly set up a top secret task force known by the code names "MAJESTIC," "MAJESTIC-12," or "MAJIC." This group included some of the greatest minds of the time, and allegedly included the likes of people such as Einstein and Oppenheimer. The purpose of this group was to determine how to deal with the UFO issue, which was, at the time, a public phenomenon that was spinning out of control.

This song is written from the perspective of this group (if such a group ever did exist), to the public. For those of you who would like further information and some spooky documents regarding the MAJESTIC program, go to this fascinating site:

The Recording Process

This is one of those songs in which Pro Tools came in very handy. The song was originally very long and had no official "chorus." I literally "cut it in half" and sent the first section to William. He sent it back to me with the drum and bass tracks that Casey and Serge recorded.

I really had no idea what to do with the song (musically) until I started playing around with the keyboard track I recorded in the opening sequence, and decided to reverse it and throw it after the first section of the song.

At that point the song began to take shape, and I decided to copy the drum and bass tracks from the first section and paste them at the end of the backward keyboard track middle section. This gave me the idea to make the second section more "ominous" than the first - the MAJESTIC group laying out their agenda for mankind.

The Lyrics

The secrets we hide from your innocent eyes
For the good of your lives and the purpose of your time
Far, far away in your innocent way
We don't know who you are in the stark light of day

No need to be afraid of things you don't understand
No need to feel this way - we move on to understanding now

Just close your eyes to the truth in plain site
These sweet little lies we'll tell you with delight
The strangers have come - their motives yet unclear
We will keep you from the truth
For to know it is great fear

No need to be afraid of things you don't understand
No need ot feel this way - we move on to understand
No need to be afraid of things you don't understand
No need to feel this way
We move on to understand

MAJESTIC we stand over all you understand
A select group of men to forge a new plan
It's our turn this time
We have been through the trials
The unquenchable fire - like a phoenix in the night
This body of light reborn in the stars
Kept close to the fire exploding in the night!

No need ot be afraid of things you don't understand
No need to feel this way - about things you don't understand