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A Song for the MERS (Mars Exploration Rovers)

The Song

Recorded at Cow Pilot Studios in Gilbert, Arizona.

Since I was a young lad, I have always been interested in the space program. This was in part due to my Uncle Henry, who worked for NASA during the Apollo missions and sent me information on the program from Apollo 8 through Apollo 17. One of the greatest thrills of my life was watching the Apollo 11 moon landing. As a boy of 11 years of age, I was astounded and filled with profound emotions with the realization that we had walked on the moon.

As a result, I am a faithful follower of all things space- and science-related. After the landing of the MERS (Mars Exploration Rovers) I have been following the progress of these amazing robots daily. Kudos to the MERS team at JPL, and Steve Squyres, Jim Erickson, Joy Crisp, Albert Haldemann, Mark Boyles, John Callas, and Ray Arvidson!

The MERS findings have radically changed what scientists believe concerning the history of Mars. The hypothesis that Mars was a dead and dry planet has been radically altered by these findings - and in case you've been living in a cave, the rovers have proven that Mars was once inundated with water. You can find out more about the rovers here:

What is special about this song for me was the opportunity to work with my daughter-in-law, Sarah. As you can hear from this recording, Sarah has a beautiful voice and really enhances this song with her vocal stylings.

One more thing: I know that it may seem strange to most people that someone might write a song to a pair of robots sitting on a distant planet, but you really have no idea how strange I really am. But seriously, my thoughts do dwell on the MERS, because they have capacity for gathering data that may change the way we think about the universe, and ourselves.

The Recording Process

This was recorded at my "studio," which is basically a computer with a Pro Tools 001 rig.

The Lyrics

All alone you sit awaiting
Bleak terrain surrounding you
Far away your brilliant master
Send instructions just for you

Many wonders fill your cameras
Ancient shores beneath your wheels
We of Earth await your message
Hoping all is well with you

You sit and wait for the sun
Another day's work is done

Martian wonders fill your cameras
Ancient shorese beneath your wheels
We of Earth await your message
Hoping all is well with you.

You sit and wait for the sun
Another day's work is done

You may feel alone and distant
But my thoughts are there with you