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My Little Grey

The Song

Recorded at First Wave Digital Studios in Hempstead, NY and Cow Pilot Studios in Gilbert, Arizona.

If you've never listened to the Art Bell Coast to Coast show, never read any books concerning UFO lore or lived in a cave for most of your life, you won't "get" this song. The references are scattered; from Whitley Strieber's book Communion, to Richard C. Hoagland's theories on "hyper-dimensional physics," to Col. Philip J. Corso's book The Day After Roswell. I tried to get 'em all into one song.

I've never written a song with a 1950s chord progression, until now. I just wanted to have some fun with this topic, and I hope that people who are "in the know" about this subject matter will get a kick out of this song.

The Recording Process

I wanted to get a tremolo guitar sound for this one, so I used my Dad's old "Super Nova" amplifier, and an old Washburn guitar that my good friend Earnie Woodall gave me. It worked, although I'm not a particularly competent electric guitarist - so I kept the part simple - which is the key to life.

The Lyrics

My little Grey, you stole my DNA
Took me in your space ship so very far away
Told me to stop screaming; I just could not obey -
My little grey

You told me you would not hurt me
When you implanted that thing in my head
And if I tried to remove it
I would most surely end up quite dead

My little Grey you broke my heart the day
You told me you crashed back in Roswell, USA
We never did thank you for all we have today
My little Grey

Computers, fiber-optic cable, night vision goggles!
What can I say?
Anti-gravitic engines, hyper-dimensional travel today

My little Grey, you stole my DNA
I hear I have children so very far away
Please tell them I miss them
Perhaps we can play?
My little Grey