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Pocket Change

The Song

Recorded at First Wave Digital Studios in Hempstead, NY and Cow Pilot Studios in Gilbert, Arizona.

The homeless problem is growing at an exponential rate, and I am always affected by seeing people on the street with no place to live. It's incredible that this happens to people in our great country, where we have so much.

I wrote this song some time ago, and felt it would fit nicely on this CD, and bring some variety to this overall sound. I wanted a "Latin feel" to the rhythm section, which Casey wonderfully executed. I have to give credit to several people here; to my talented daughter, Ann Marie, who wrote (and sang) the harmonies on the chorus, to John Sergio (Monkey) for the modulating bass section on the final chorus, and to my good friend Kathie Pieloch (Qvox) for the lyrical concept of giving the homeless guy on the corner some of MY pocket change - we shared quite a few email messages on that one.

The Recording Process

The original tracks were recorded on the ADAT, which Anthony transferred to Pro Tools for me, at which point I sent those tracks to William. PJ and Casey really made this song what it is - by the way - I've never met PJ, but his contribution to this song is monumental as is Casey's contribution. Without the percussion track and piano, this song would have a less of an identity.

The Lyrics

Woke up this morning to a bundle of birds
Suddenly with no warning I finally heard
A knock on my front door by a big monkey suit
"Mortgage is late again, sir"
Hey, what can I do?

If you lend me some of your pocket change I could
Pay you back or maybe rearrange my life?

Woke up this morning to a telephone ring
A man issued me a warning: "Pay for this thing"
I'm working day and night - hey give me a break
He told me to make that payment, and make it today!

If you lend me some of your pocket change I could
Pay you back or maybe rearrange my life?

Stopped at light this morning
Working today
Standing beside my window - I can't turn away
A man with a cardboard sign read, "Will work for food"
I said to myself so sadly, "What can I do?"

If I gave him some of my pocket change I could
Help him out and maybe rearrange his life!